Backpacking Light's Mission is to promote self-sufficient, multi-day backcountry travel in lightweight style. In other words, we'd like to see you leave most of your material crap at home, get out of your office for a bit, and enjoy some nature.

The real goal of Pack less, be more is to give you some insight into philosophies of Backpacking Light, and more important, expand your horizons a bit in a way that prompts you to ask questions about what it means to be an ultralight backpacker and how some of these philosophies might be extended into other areas of your life.


Comments are welcome, of course. We love to have conversations. You are free to post your opinions, but we do moderate comments, so don't be stupid, foolish, derogatory, defamatory, foul, or (too) heavy.


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Packlessbemore.com is a blog - an experimental medium for communicating ideas, philosophies, and techniques for living light (in the backcountry, or elsewhere) that may not be polished, or edited to the standards of a style manual, peer reviewed, or otherwise ... tested. Enjoy this environment, and have fun with it.